Nasaybah Hussain

Tell us about your Breaking into News experience.

I come from a very supportive family, who are always encouraging me to go into what I enjoy, which is what first prompted me to start looking for an opportunity such as Breaking Into News. I have always enjoyed being creative and writing, which is why I had considered merging these two together and applying for the initiative. 


Throughout the entire process, having a supportive mentor was vital, and I was so lucky to have been paired up with such a mentor, one who always saw my vision and was always so encouraging and positive throughout the initiative. Not only did my mentor help me throughout the process, but she also taught me a lot, such as what it takes to create a new story and advised me on all the queries that I had, regarding not only the process but also in terms of future career choices. For me, the whole process would not have been as enjoyable without my mentor, she was always there for me and went above and beyond to help me, and to this day I still believe, that I would not have been able to create a winning news story without her.


 My mentor also set up and gave me the opportunity to work with an editor in an editing suite to compose my story together. This was one of the highlights throughout the process. I was able to sit with the editor and learn the skills it takes to edit a piece and all the little details. The editing was one of the longest parts of this process, with my mentor and I spent a whole day just in the editing suite. At the end of the day, we were all drained and had worked so hard in putting the final touches to the story. However, seeing the final piece on the screen at the end of the day through hours of editing was one of those refreshing moments that I will never forget. It was at that point where I believe that I could actually win this, and I still remember that feeling where I was so proud of what I had created.


How do you think taking part in the initiative has helped you further your career?

Taking part in the initiative, and the whole journey and what I have been taught will always remain with me. The ability to form a news story has been one of my greatest achievements. Prior to Breaking into News, I did not have a clear idea of what I wanted to do as a career in the future, I knew what my passion and interests were in, but never quite knew how to come about achieving them. Breaking into News has given me an invaluable insight into the industry, and has actually made me believe that this is achievable and not just a far sight dream of mine.


Watch Nasaybah's winning report here .

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