I grew up in the borough of Haringey, North London, and am one of five siblings. Being from a large family with little money, I always struggled with limited opportunities, which became more pronounced when my parents separated and my father was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Although juggling a part-time job, university and supporting my father in terms of care has been tough, I have always been incredibly determined to do whatever it takes to be successful and am incredibly driven.

How important was the mentor’s support throughout the competition? What was the most difficult task to cope with?

The mentor dynamic is quintessential to Breaking Into News. It allowed me professional support from somebody with invaluable industry insight and was central to me being able to produce the report I did. My mentor Michael really pushed me to leave my comfort zone and helped me to learn a fantastic array of skills that ranged from speaking to the camera to editing and voiceover. For me, the biggest hurdle was gaining confidence in myself, especially when doing pieces to camera. My mentor ensured that everything I produced was to the best of my ability, which meant doing some shots over and over until they were just right!


How do you think winning the competition helped you with your further career?

Winning the competition gave me the confidence to choose journalism, something I previously knew little about, as my chosen career path. Being able to put 'Winner of Breaking Into News 2015' onto my CV makes it stand out from the rest, and has already helped me to secure two work experience placements at ITV's Good Morning Britain. What I would like to highlight, however, is how invaluable the actual process was. Even if I hadn't have won, the skills, opportunities, and industry contacts that I picked up over the process would have still put me in an incredibly strong position moving forward. 


Follow Sally on Twitter @SallyWynter or watch her winning report here .

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