2017 Finalists


Tanya Nyenwa

 ITV London 


Tanya was the 2017 runner-up and did her news piece on afro hair. She is now currently studying for an MA in International Journalism at City University.


'Being a runner-up and seeing my report on the news is one of my biggest achievements. I feel more confident when applying for jobs'


Tahmenna Alam - ITV Wales 


Tahmenna made her news piece on loneliness in the South Asian community in Wales. She is now currently working for ITV Wales as a Production Journalist and is an ambassador for this year's programme. 


'The scheme played a focal role in getting me to this point by introducing

me to a phenomenal newsroom who recognised abilities in myself which I never acknowledged'.


Dolline Mukui - ITV Granada


Dolline created her piece on the bee tattoo used as an icon of solidarity following the Manchester attacks in 2017


Nicole Goodwin - ITV Tyne Tees

Inspired by her experiences leaving school Nicole reported on life skills education in schools. She has now started an MA in Journalism at Sunderland University. 


'I would never have thought it would be possible for me to study the subject at this level. I apply the skills and experience I have gained during Breaking Into News to my everyday studies, which really gave me a head start.'


Ryan Hirst - ITV Yorkshire 


Ryan created his news piece on elderly people living in Yorkshire living with Dementia and how the community is working together to raise awareness of the condition. 


Aspel Brown - ITV Anglia


Aspel created her report on environmentally friendly funerals in Milton Keynes as a natural alternative to conventional funerals. Since the competition, she has had work experience at the BBC and is currently an ITN apprentice. 


'If you’re uncertain about what to do with your career but have a story to tell,

you need to apply. It is more than getting something to add to your CV, it is a chance to get a real taster of how the industry works.'


Rachel Edge - ITV Meridian


Rachel created her piece on Mental Health peer support groups in small rural towns in the area.



Chris Baker - ITV West Country

Chris created his report on the increase of plastics found on West Country beaches,

the harmful impact it's having on marine wildlife and what's being done to tackle it.


He is currently finishing his journalism degree and since the competition, he has had shadowing experience with an ITV reporter in Plymouth. 


'The whole experience of being part of last year’s Breaking Into News was fantastic! I loved filming the interviews and really getting stuck into the story of my news report. Having my mentor’s knowledge and support at each stage of the process was a huge help.'