Gosia Bartram

My name is Malgorzata, but friends know me as Gosia (pronounces Gosha). I am an immigrant from Poland, living in the UK for past 13 years and just about to graduate with BA Law from The Open University. I am 37, a wife to a lovely British man, step-mum to a teen and a mum of a toddler. I have a passion for media (of course), music and cooking. I am a bit of a geek and an introvert, but also a good observer and analyst. I love a challenge and learning new things. I have no set plan what I would like to do next, simply because it took me many years since I have first left education to think that I could have any kind of career. Now that I have achieved my dream of studying in the UK and have done a lot of weird and wonderful jobs in the past I am excited to see where life will take me. The Breaking Into News competition could be just what I am looking for and a completely life-changing experience. Can't wait to start! 


Malgorzata reports on the Polish community in Devon, considering stereotypical perceptions of Polish migrants and their own sense of belonging against the backdrop of an uncertain post-Brexit political landscape. 

Steven Portman​

Hi, I am Steven, I am 22 years old. I have studied media for 3 years and I'm ready to learn something new, which is why I applied for Breaking Into News. My hobbies include reading, listening to music and watching films. 

I currently live in Bedford where I was born and bred.


Steven reports on the barriers people with a disability face when looking for employment, reviewing company initiatives and government policy.

Shanice-Kay Bolding 

At present, I work as a Relationship Manager within SME Local Banking at a high street bank. 


In my spare time, I enjoy attending yoga classes in my local area of Wolverhampton.


I decided to enter the competition because I believe the initiative run by Media Trust, in partnership with ITV News, will provide me with the support to take that first step towards a successful career in Broadcast Journalism. I have a passion for watching ITV News and thoroughly enjoy watching news reports that provide me with an insight into subject matters I previously had no or limited insight into.


I am looking forward to telling stories and educating the wider population on topics they too did not have a high understanding of. The Breaking Into News competition will provide me with first-hand experience, and valuable advice from an ITV News mentor will enable me to have a successful career in Broadcast Journalism.


Shanice-Kay looks into the issue of ‘Working Single Parents’ in the West Midlands, reporting on the challenges faced by single parents when it comes to employment and raising children.

Peter Moor​

My name is Peter and I am currently studying English at Queen's University, Belfast but am originally from Huddersfield, Yorkshire. Upon graduation next year, I'm looking to enter the world of journalism so this competition sounded like the perfect opportunity for me to develop my skills and learn more about the sector. I'm really looking to meeting new people and have the experience of creating my own news report on a story idea of my own.


The last five years have seen a 59% increase in the number of students from Great Britain accepting offers of Higher Education places in Northern Ireland. In his news story, Peter looks into why more students from the mainland are choosing to study in Northern Ireland.  

Kay Loveridge

My name is Kay and I am a 43-year-old mother of two from Halifax, West Yorkshire. I graduated as a mature student in 2016 from The University of Salford with an Honours Degree in English Literature and currently volunteer as a radio presenter and mobile roadshow host for a local community radio station, working with adults and children with vulnerabilities and additional needs. 

Kay’s news piece explores the issue of what it means to be ‘mature’ and asks questions about the difficulties faced by ‘mature’ graduates when it comes to employment in their desired field.

Ollie Youd 

Hi, I'm Ollie! I'm currently studying for my A-levels, but I'm hoping to go to university in September. My main hobby is journalism, but I'm also learning Welsh, which I love! However, most importantly, I want to show the disabled community that any dream can be achieved, regardless of disability. As a person who has been registered blind since birth, I'm determined to show those like myself that anybody can become unstoppable. I'm really looking forward to creating a piece of journalism which is thought-provoking, yet lighthearted against the current backdrop of world news. 

Oliver explores the existence of monolingual Welsh speakers, giving a rare insight into communities who speak, think and live only in Welsh.

Jazz Halstead 

 I have recently completed a BA (Hons) degree in Television Production at Middlesex University. I am now seeking an exciting opportunity to break into broadcasting, to learn from the very best and report on the stories that matter.

As an aspiring journalist, I moved to London from Southampton 3 years ago to study, which I have had the opportunity to do so, both in the classroom and on industry placements I have independently sought. This has developed the essential knowledge and skills critical for me. I have self-funded my way through university through various placements and gaining temporary work with media companies such as ‘Applause store LTD’ and ‘Thumbs Up’. 

I have recently moved back to Southampton and I am now more driven than ever for the chance to apply my new education and experience in my home city of Southampton. I am truly ecstatic about becoming a finalist for Breaking Into News 2018 and I am keen to use this opportunity to build on my current skills and understanding of broadcasting, news and the media to find an engaging untold story. 

Jazz reports on a unique story about two elderly residents of Sholing in Southampton, how they met and have managed to stay together for 60 years!

Hayley McCullen

My name is Hayley McCullen, I am 30 years old and I am currently working as a Resettlement Officer with the vulnerable person's resettlement scheme in the Redcar and Cleveland area.

I work with clients from a number of difficult backgrounds who are coming to settle in the UK. I have always been interested in media and journalism, however at 30 I always imagined it would be a dream of mine that I would never be able to pursue. So I am over the moon that I have been shortlisted as a finalist for Breaking into News 2018! 


Hayley investigates the lives of asylum seekers from war-torn countries and their integration within the local communities.

Hadeel Elshak 

I am currently an A Level student at Hammersmith Academy, with a place to study International Development at the University of Sussex from this September. I work with a number of charities such as FORWARD, a charity working to combat sexual and gender-based violence of African women and Solidarity Sports, a children's charity working to introduce a healthy lifestyle to disadvantaged children. Powered by my passion for social justice, I am aiming to pursue a career in journalism and shine a light on issues that affect young people and marginalised communities. This summer, as well as focusing on my report and I will be interning at the Jo Cox Foundation.

Hadeel’s news piece explores the Grenfell fire's effect on the engagement of young people in politics. Hadeel investigates whether criticism of the government and council’s response has led to distrust in the system for young people

Francesca Dean

My name is Francesca. I live in Rossendale, 23, and I have cerebral palsy but this doesn't defy me.
I love to shop, eat out, socialise, go on the internet and I work every Sunday at Blackburn Youth Zone where I've attended their sessions. 

I'm really excited about this competition because I can develop new skills and hopefully raise awareness, decreasing the stigma of cerebral palsy and making my family and colleagues proud of me.


Francesca reports on the problem of loneliness in young people and takes an inside look at the organisations set up to combat this issue.


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