Meet Your ITV Ambassador

Donovan Blake

Sport Correspondent - ITV Anglia

You have to start somewhere, and Breaking Into News is a fantastic place to start.


If you put your mind to it, work hard and aim high, anything is possible. I'm now living the dream of a career in sport and media.

Pam Royle

Presenter - ITV Tyne Tees & Border 

The Breaking into News scheme gives you hands-on experience of working in an ITV newsroom. You will be mentored all the way through as you learn the skills required in an ever-changing news environment. News can be exciting, exhausting, exhilarating and energising. It can also be difficult, distressing, and dangerous.

If you are enthusiastic, hardworking, determined and really want to become a successful journalist, the training on offer from ITV is a great way to start.


Otis Holmes 

Production - ITV Calendar

I am really happy to support this fantastic scheme which gives people from all backgrounds the chance to tell a story that is important to them and learn from ITV journalists.


It opens so many doors for people who either want to pursue a career in journalism or find out more about how ITV News works.

Sameena Ali-Khan 

Presenter - ITV Central 

Breaking Into News is an excellent first step to a rewarding career in journalism. Former Central winners are now thriving in TV news and they started just like you by filling in this application.


This scheme offers you the chance to see your idea on ITV News Central and work with our very friendly team. Go on give it a go.

Sameena Ali-Khan ITV Central.jpeg
Anna Youssef Granada Ambassador.JPG

Anna Youssef

Producer - ITV Granada

I am a programme producer and documentary maker for ITV.


I'm really looking forward to working with Granada's Breaking into News candidate and helping them develop their ideas and turn them into a news report they'll be proud of.

Ria Chatterjee

Reporter - ITV London

Breaking into News is your opportunity to dive into a world of storytelling.


To be part of a team of reporters, producers, camera operators and editors who work tirelessly to tell the stories that matter.

Sangeeta Bhabra 

Presenter - ITV Meridian 

You just have to look at the talent now working in television news to see how ‘Breaking into News’ is a springboard for aspiring journalists to get their big telly break. If you have a story you’re desperate to tell apply!


If you think there are stories that need to be told but aren’t because the mainstream media doesn’t reflect what matters to you or your community consider this as an opportunity. You just need passion, ideas and you’ll get supported by the best journos in ITV News. Apply you won’t regret it!

Natasha Millar 

Early Presenter - UTV

“I’m absolutely delighted to be part of this years ‘Breaking into News’. 2019 is without a doubt set to be a busy year for the industry. Dominated no doubt by politics, but never underestimate the people. Our content will be shaped by you.


Whether onscreen or online, we strive to share stories that matter to you. Our viewers. Our audience. Our communities. This is a fantastic opportunity to feed into our content shine a light on an issue or topic that matters to you, your family, your friends or even your future. This could be your first step towards a career in journalism.”

Rob Osborne.png

Rob Osborne

On-Screen Journalist - ITV Wales

The television news industry needs more diverse voices from a wider range of diverse backgrounds. Everyone has a story to tell, a community they come from and know.


TV news needs to better reflect that and I can think of no better way of tapping into that talent then through Breaking Into News.

Alex Beresford

National & Regional Weather

Presenter - ITV West Country

“There are so many ways you can break into the news. I started off as an autocue operator, but dreamed of being on the other side of the camera.


My dream became reality and I love my job so much.”