Previous Winners


2019: Toby Winson 

ITV Meridian

Toby's news report touches his personal experience of alcoholism and highlights the lack of education in schools around the subject. 


"Breaking into news has opened the door to a career I didn’t think could be possible for me, and also given me an incredible platform to report on an issue very close to my heart. Amazing!."


2018: Hadeel Elshak 

ITV London

Hadeel’s news piece explores the Grenfell fire's effect on the engagement of young people in politics. Hadeel investigates whether criticism of the government and council response has led to distrust in the system for young people. 


"Go for it. Honestly, don’t listen to that negative voice in your head. Honestly, it’s been said so many times before but what have you got to lose? You have everything to gain. It’s opened so many doors. Like the amount of things that I’ve got to do even before the Breaking into News final like go on BBC Radio London. I’ve been able to write an article for one of my favourite magazines, Gal-Dem. Just so many doors."

Josh Farrell & Charlene White at BIN fin

2017: Josh Farell 


Josh created his news report on integrated schools in Northern Ireland, he particularly focused on why in recent years their popularity has decreased. 


'Northern Ireland has a reputation for being a very divided country so I was drawn to this story because I felt like it showed the country in a different light."

sana 2.jpg

2016: Sana Sarwar

ITV London

Sana created her winning piece on young carers in London and the sacrifices they make in order to care for a loved one.


"This opportunity gave me a real insight into life as an ITV reporter whilst equipping me with vital skills to be a broadcast journalist such as researching, scripting, filming and editing."


2015: Sally Wynter 

ITV Central 

Sally created her news piece on the increase of homeless and how it has affected youth employment in Derby.

"What I would like to highlight, however, is how invaluable the actual process was. Even if I hadn't have won, the skills, opportunities, and industry contacts that I picked up over the process would have still put me in an incredibly strong position moving forward."